Time to have a chat about wedding planning…

Time to have a chat about wedding planning…

It’s January again!… How on Earth did that happen? And as we put away the Christmas decorations and swiftly break our New Year’s resolutions, the wedding industry comes alive once more.

January-March is the busiest time of year for wedding bookings and planning.  This is for a number of reasons but namely because of the influx of engagements over the Christmas period and because it is this time of year that venues and suppliers do the bulk of their open days – being out of the main season (although seasonality is becoming less of a thing with a growth in the popularity of winter weddings and the willingness to exchange off-peak dates for cheaper rates).

So, as you can imagine, many wedding professionals/businesses pour extra effort into attracting couples in this time too, to get their share of business. The competitiveness can be great for couples shopping around, seeing more options, possibly scoring more bargains… however, not everyone that posts is well informed. This year, as with most, there has been a wave in people sharing beautifully illustrated ‘wedding planning timelines’. Looks nice, catches attention; but how many are really correct?

What’s the right planning timeline?

The wedding industry has changed over the past year – an impact of the pandemic, but also a shift in people’s attitude and approach.

Previous guidelines almost always stated a 12 month plan – and this is what we’ve seen shared yet again. But in current times this becomes a bit trickier. We are not saying a wedding can’t be organised in 12 months, or even in one month, but if you are a couple that are looking for choices, then you will likely need to give yourself a longer lead time without having to compromise.

So what are the key things to think about?

This is just a rough guide on things that may help you make up your mind on timing. Most likely you will tick boxes on both sides, but you need to, as a couple, figure out which are more important and make your plan accordingly.

Of course, if you decide to do it in less than 12 months – you may still get your dream venue and suppliers… always worth an ask! But right now we are hearing from most that diaries are fairly full this year and starting to for the next two years too.

Whatever you decide, do what’s right for you and we hope you have the most magical day!

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